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Sahak Ordukhanyan

25 Nov 2014

Great customer service

There was a mistake with my order but i can't fault them for that because no one no one is perfect. When I contacted them about the problem I got a response quickly and it was taken care of no questio


19 Oct 2014

I really like the selection of survival goods available at Off The Grid

Off The Grid has a myriad of products to keep you going in a worldthat looks to be more uncertain every day. It would be nice to thinkthat everything that is going on is just a bad dream, but unfortu


08 Sep 2014

Great products shipped extremely fast.

Surefire has been a solid brand for many years. OTG carries a good selection of Surefire products. When I began shopping for a specific item that not all Surefire dealers carry, I found OTG. Did some


04 Sep 2014

Great Company

Thank you for being able to fill my order in a timely manner


03 Apr 2014